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10 Reasons Why Dating a #BossBitch is a Win

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Hey hunnies! One of our friends, Erica Robinson and I have been DMing each other via Twitter and thought I’d write something about one of our topics. I know it’s not travel related but I wrote this during one of my trips and I figured I’d share my take on it.

Without further ado, here it is!

1. She speaks her mind.

A #BossBitch will realize when things aren’t working. If something isn’t quite right, expect her to approach you about it and have a much-needed conversation about how to make things right. She prefers to be straightforward and honest, always telling it how it is, so that others can see her honest intentions. Don’t beat around the bush with her. If you’ve got something to say- say it! She’ll encourage you to speak your mind, so expect likewise in return. Whole new possibilities will open from this matter- of-fact communication. There won’t be any passive aggressive texting or sub-tweeting from her, dude.

2. She has goals.

Once they’ve maintained a direction and once they’ve decided on their ultimate goal, they don’t sit around waiting for it to be magically achieved. They actively pursue everything they have in mind and they won’t stop at just achieving the bare minimum. So if you’ve gotten yourself involved with a #Bossbitch, you should be sure that she didn’t just settle with you because she couldn’t get anyone better. You were what she truly wanted.

3. She’s confident and self-assured.

If you’re looking for a sweetheart, she’s not the one. If you are looking for a partner in crime to enrich your life as much as you enrich hers, she’s the one. She’s comfortable in her own skin and style, never feeling the need to pursue ridiculous standards of beauty or current trends. She knows the difference between positive and negative criticism, and takes what she needs from each to move forward. Also, not only is she probably a great shit talker, but she can back it up with action, and knows how to get tough when necessary.

4. She will let her see her sensitive side if she trust you.

She might look as an intimidating person at first but as soon as you meet her, you will see that she is insecure and vulnerable as all of us are. Her former self has made mistakes and she’s learned in the process. But she isn’t afraid to take the lead in the bedroom but not in a ‘porn- inspired-me-I’m-trying-to-impress-you’ kind of way.  She’ll let you take control if you’re capable, but you’d better do her right. Being strong doesn’t mean being without feelings. Just don’t expect her to say “I love you” first, because she takes that pretty seriously. But most importantly, a #bossbitch will only date smart and interesting guys. 😉

5. She will expect loyalty at all times.

#Bossbitches are loyal. They expect honesty and commitment from you, but they are more than willing to return it with the same fierce passion they apply to every other aspect of their lives. You will not find a more trustworthy woman than a strong, independent one. Why? Because she chooses what she wants out of life and she holds on to it when she gets it. When you are what she wants, she will give you her everything.

6. She will want a real conversation.

A #bossbitch is a woman with deep passion, individuality, and assertive communication. She is worldly, intelligent, and passionate. She’ll want to discuss real issues with you; she wants to make you think and she wants you to make her think. She won’t ask you if you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian’s latest publicity stunt, she’ll ask about who you support in the next election, what your favorite music is, and where you’d like to travel someday and why.

7. She will be your biggest fan.

She believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. She is happy to see others do well and succeed, especially you. She’s also fiercely protective of those she love. She will always have the guys to stand up for you, and is loyal even behind your back. This girl will jump right into the line of fire to defend you. Her balls are just as big as yours, so she will probably wear the pants in the relationship.

8. But she isn’t afraid to call you out.

If you’re a guy who needs to be put in your place every now and then, she’s perfect because she will always remind you that she is your equal, and nothing less. She didn’t always tell you what you wanted to hear, but she always told you the truth. Truths your friends were too afraid to say to your face. Truths you, in fact, really needed to hear.  She’s not afraid to whip those balls out and let you know when you’re wrong.

9. She isn’t interested in changing you.

She doesn’t mold you into whatever idea she has in her head about the perfect guy. She loves all the things that make you you — not just because she’s ready to settle down and she’s there. She’ll love having you around, but don’t get offended if she doesn’t need your help.

10. Everyday with her will be a little adventure.

She doesn’t fit the common boring stereotype of what a woman should be, and she’s not afraid to get her hands rough and dirty. No two days will be the same, whether it be because you went to a different restaurant one night or binged a new series another. She’ll want to go on spur of the moment trips, and she’ll want to learn new things and have new experiences. You’ll look forward to every day, and if you’re the right match, you’ll build a beautiful life together.

15 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Dating a #BossBitch is a Win

  1. I love this. I don’t really use the word bitch a lot, but I can see a boss lady doing this. I also love number 4. She will let her see her sensitive side if she trust you. — Lili


  2. Hahahahah you made laugh out loud. Lovely post. And so true. I think Im a BB even if I dont like to be called that.


  3. I think I have a lot of these qualities. But I am selective about when I speak my mind — sometimes it’s just not worth it.

    I like this — I hope you didn’t write it on a phone while traveling. My fingers are cramping just thinking about that! LOL Keep up the great work!


  4. Definitely some interesting reasons to date a person. Dating and relationships can be so complicated. It comes down to two complete people who can bring positive things to the other’s lives and realize life isn’t about perfection but the way you handle the difficulties.


  5. I check some of these characteristics, but I got to work on improving other areas of my life in order to become the ultimate boss b*. Thank you for sharing this post; truly motivational.


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