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5 Reasons Why I Love to Run


Nothing beats a morning run to freshen up my day!  Sometimes I am asked what it is about running that I love so much. I always pause,  taken aback by the question, as if I am being asked why I love my family, my friends, or my dog. I just do.

At first, I never understood why anyone could enjoy 30 minutes of breathless agony. What kind of strange people were they, I would wonder. Last 2010, I remember being on my heaviest, 56 kg. I felt a huge drop in my self-esteem and confidence. I started to run to get my body back into shape. In 2012, I finished my first 5 km run. The run was hell at first but after, I felt relaxed and refreshed. I continued running until I noticed a significant amount of weight that that I’ve lost. But it didn’t stop there. Here are the main reasons why I love to run.

1. Running keeps me happy as simple as that. When I come home from my run I feel I can tackle whatever life throws at me. It clears my head and helps me stay strong. Every time I go on a run, my stress and anxiety goes away, I find a new sense of clarity, and I’m always reminded, that everything is going to be okay.

2. Running clothes are so cute! Most of my outfits are composed of colorful dry-fit finisher shirts, singlets, shorts and compression socks. I feel invincible (and sexy) wearing them.

3. Running allows me to eat. Eating allows me to run. It makes me hungry for all sorts of delicious food and I love that I can eat it “guilt-free” so I would say I run to eat.

4. Running challenges me in ways that I have never experienced – it pushes and prods and hurts and dares me to go further, faster, harder, stronger, gives me freedom, I could go on and on… I love the challenge of trying to beat a race time or see how far I can go… And most importantly, It challenges me to challenge myself.

5. I love running because of the people we get to know even if it just for a race. I have met so many great people through running and found a community of friends showing me that running can bring out the best in myself and result in loving friendships.

So many wonderful reasons to love it. I think that some people who don’t run think that it’s really about losing weight or being fit but that’s not really it. It’s more than that! It’s a life-changing activity that anyone could engage in. No matter your age, size, speed, experience level, running is open to everyone.



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