Vintage-Looking Candle Lanterns | DIY > Craft


Like magic, you can make metal candleholders look like age-worn living room displays. Just use neutral colored spray paints for a result that looks authentically antique!


  1. Candle lantern
  2. Spray paint (neutral colors)
  3. Masking tape


  1. Work on flat surface in a well-ventilated area, wipe the candleholders using a dry cloth before starting (to remove dirt).
  2. Cover the glass with masking tape (to avoid getting paint on it), you may also remove glass  from the frame (if applicable).
  3. Spray the interiors of the cardholder FIRST, place it back on a flat surface then spray the exteriors.
  4. Let dry completely (at least 3hours). Repeat if necessary.
  5. For candles, I suggest tealight candles (flat-shaped top).


~ Pylox Spray Paint cost around 70 php to 130 php.
~ Candleholders/lamps were from conventions/thrift shops.


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