The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion by Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson | Librophilio


Saw this in a bookstore, thought it was interesting .and the quirky cover and title of this book attracted me to pick it up. I didn’t read the summary for it usually spoils the fun. I rarely ever give 5-starts rating even if it’s written by my favorite author but this one truly deserves the applause.



The Brave Athlete largely focuses on the psychological aspects of endurance sports with most of the discussion framed in the sport of triathlon. As someone who is a marathoner and an aspiring triathathlete, I know exactly how it feels. The ‘jeeters’ before the event, that nagging voice during the run and the guilt after the event – wishing that you should have pushed further even though you know in yourself that you did your best and trained months prior.

Unravelling the science of that complex mass we call our brain, the more I read the more I thought I could apply this to my habit of overthinking and targeting the emotional reasons for my stress.  So understanding how strong my Chimp brain is, and how I should be courting my Prof Brain, together with the suggested self talks, relaxation and meditation I am well on my way. I wish it was written a long time ago, it would have help me back when I was still actively participating in running events.

The authors, Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson found a way to present complicated information in an understandable and often hilarious way. I would definitely recommend this not just to athlete but also to those who are dealing with anxiety and negative self-judgment.



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