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Dreamcatchers are beautiful items to have in the bedroom, or any room. They are used to encourage good The lore depicts them as either trapping good or bad dreams, but the feathers almost always direct the good dreams to the sleeping owner of the dreamcatcher. Me myself, I’ve been collecting them since I was in highschool and have tried to at least get one from each island that I visit. My collection varies in different sizes and colors. I also made a few of my own and gave them to friends as gifts during the holidays.

Below are the steps on how to make your own dreamcatcher.

1. Gather all the materials:

1. Metal/Wooden hoop (size depends on your liking).
2. Yarns (at least 2 colors)
3. Beads
4. Feathers
5. Scissors
6. Textile Glue

2. Wrap the yarn around the hoop. When you get to the end secure it.

3. Using another yarn, start from wherever you want. Begin looping the cord around the outer hoop. Typically, you will make 8 outer loops to represent the eight legs of the spider. I don’t always count the loops, I just space them out evenly.

4. When you get back to the first loop, start looping onto the first cord loops, bisecting each loop in half. Don’t pull too tight, the web will gain structure as you go. There is no set size for the “hole”.  Tie it off with a bead or a couple of knots.

5. Cut 3 strings of yarns with the same length. Tie one tip to secure it. Add beads (design however you like) to the string, this will serve as a ‘lock’.

6. Using the textile glue, stick the tip of the feather inside the beads. I personally prefer the textile glue because it is less messy compared to using glue stick. Give it a minute before adding another feather – just to be sure that it is securely placed.

7. Tie or glue (using textile glue) the string wherever you feel it needs to go.

Finished product:

I hope you find this post helpful! What are you waiting for? Beautify your room with these easy-to-make dreamcatchers! I’d like to see what you came up with. ❤


9 thoughts on “Dream Catcher | DIY > Craft

  1. Those are really cute! Im going to pin this to my daughters board! She is a huge fan of dream catchers and I bet we could find some cool yarn at the thrift store up town that would be perfect for these! Thanks for sharing and happy blogging to you.


  2. I’ve always liked dream catchers. Your simple instructions make this a great kid activity. Can’t wait to try it.


  3. I’m moving to a new apartment and I’m always looking for new craft projects I can use to spruce up my new place. This seems like and easy and fun project.


  4. I have a couple dreamcatchers, but this is a great one for gifts for the nieces, etc. Or I could get the materials and they could make them themselves on a babysitting night! Pinning for later!


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