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Wines in Cana, Israel | TILT

Growing up Catholic, we were taught that Cana is where the first miracle happened, Jesus transformed water into the wine at a Wedding. During our pilgrimage, the group dropped by at the oldest wine store in Cana and it is also the most popular one.

The storekeeper takes great pride in selling their essential bottle of Cana wine. Like the stone jars, it’s not original, which is just as well. For this was the wine Jesus provided at the wedding in John’s Gospel. According to the storekeeper there are different grades of Cana wine and the best wine is quite special. They gave each of us a shot. Aside from quality wine, the storekeepers are friendly and accommodating. They happily answered all of my questions and gave me 2 more shots to shut me up. Kidding!

I don’t always drink wine but when I do I’m very selective. I like mine silky, powerful, and refined… ehem… Barolo. Ehem. Cana wines surely made me craving for more.



18 thoughts on “Wines in Cana, Israel | TILT

  1. I am a religious person and this is just so cool. Jesus turning water into wine is of my favorites. I would love to go to Cana and get a feel for where Jesus was during his time on earth and where the first miracle took place. Of course, I’m a big fan of wine, too.


  2. It sounds like you had a great time finding out about Cana wine and getting to taste it too. How awesome a trip it sounds!


  3. I’m Italian so I’m a huge wine lover. Cana’s history is so interesting and I’ve always wanted to visit Israel.
    Cana wine sounds amazing and of very high quality.


  4. I love me some wine tasting! always such a fun experience . but winetasting in the oldest wine shop in Cana that’s something to put on the bucket list


  5. Though we don’ have wine but this experience sounds somewhat different. And the start was quite exciting, as a place where Jesus turned water into wine.


  6. Wow! Israel is one of my dream destinations. And yes, a wine tour would also be very exciting for me. Weeee Maybe in the future,


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