Love Notes from Around the World


I wanted to do something special for the Man of My Dreams for our anniversary but thought I’d get him something that money can’t buy. One day, I’ve stumbled upon a page and saw all the beautiful pictures that the OP has collected. For me, traveling is not only a way to get away—it’s a way to learn and experience life through different cultures and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Sadly, he doesn’t travel much. I wanted to give him the world in tiny pieces and show him where my love for him has reached. Okay, that was too cheesy. On a serious note, it is a dream to travel with him someday and by showing him all these beautiful places, I hope to force encourage him to explore the world with me.

How to get started?
1. Log-in to Facebook and join Love Notes from Around the World and Unicorn Love Notes. Be sure to read the ‘pinned post’. It contain rules and instructions on how ‘note-swapping’ works.
2. Decide what phrase you want. For example: James, Paula’s love for you is so big it has reached (location).
3. You may also ask your social media friends to do this for you. Have them write the phrase in a piece of paper and take a picture of it outside with beautiful sceneries.
4. Once you’re happy with the number of notes you’ve collected, decide how you’re going to present it. Some print the pictures and make scrapbooks, others print them as a magazines. You may also create a video or slide show. And there are those who post them in Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve collected over 2000 pictures since February 2017 and I am extremely grateful for all the people who helped me made this possible, especially my BFF, Dina who I met through this love notes swapping activity.


 29087276_776036579269197_8471853180685123584_n 23967609_874463299369992_1839597233759059968_n 22582661_146605972740772_8854866449903124480_n

I’ve setup an instagram account especially for this project and most pictures that I’ve collected can be seen there (I haven’t uploaded everthing yet).


PS: James, if you’re reading this, I love you and you are my world. Happy anniversary! Now… Get out of here!!! Hahaha! ❤ ❤ ❤


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