My Happy Pill


Happy Pill. hap-ee/pil

noun phrase

  1. An antidepressant pill.
  2. The frenzy of your poetic inspiration.
  3. The mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.
  4. Someone that is the cause of your three-fold Utopian dream.
  5. Someone  that causes another  person to become blissful or euphoric.
  6. Someone that causes another person to have periods of intense trance-like joy.
  7. Someone you’re wildly attracted to and you don’t know why.
  8. Someone who’s annoying af emo-angry004 but makes it up by being extra sweet.
  9. Someone who you want to karate chop in the face.
  10. Or roundhouse kick in the jaw.
  11. A professional monologist.
  12. A wardnoob.
  13. A fucking wardnoob.
  14. Someone who has a strange sense of humor.
  15. Someone who you want to throw in the abyss.
  16. A whale.
  17. A fucking whale.
  18. A person who has an unnatural craving for burgers.
  19. Someone who can replace Michael Myers in the Halloween series.
  20. Someone whose selfie is scarier than The Conjuring. emo-heart002
  21. Ok fayn. Someone whose hair is more “fantabulous” than yours.
  22. Someone who randomly send you his #OOTD.
  23. Someone whose IQ exceeds his weight.
  24. Someone who proudly hates people. He doesn’t discriminate.
  25. Someone who loves machine guns, assault rifles, armor piercing ammunition, high explosives, napalm, tanks, anti-personnel mines, torpedoes, cannons, surface-to-air missiles, fighter aircraft, bombers, submarines, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear bombs, and ICBMs… Every weapon of mass destruction ever built!
  26. Someone who thinks Eve is his GF. Boo!
  27. I am not sure if he likes POE PUNS because mine are POEfect! I mean, it doesn’t take too much effort to comPOEse one. Heck! I can even do it when watching POEsidon and playing POEkemon Go at the same time. I could be a POEfesional. Oh well, I’m getting a baked POEtato, some POEridge, and brocPOEly. And I have a scheduled POEle dance class later but I could have it POEsponed.
  28. Someone who talks endlessly about bike parts, riding bikes, and beating up reckless drivers. Oh, and stalking them too.
  29. Someone who has a PhD in stalking.
  30. Someone who’s too friendly that his girlfriend becomes homicidal.
  31. Someone who exhibits behavior which 99% of civilized society might find odd, obscure, or downright cringe-worthy.
  32. Someone who drinks coffee more than the average individual would… Like, for the love of God, just inject it into your jugular vein!
  33. Someone who knows how to summon your inner psycho.
  34. A grammer Nazi.
  35. Someone who will give your reasons that staying in isn’t so bad.
  36. Your stairway to heaven and highway to hell.
  37. A walking, talking enigma.
  38. For someone who claims to be impatient, he’s uber patient.
  39. Someone who doesn’t try to find someone to blame, he focuses on the problem and tries to find a solution.
  40. He has limitations, but he doesn’t care. If he wants to do something, he’ll do it.
  41. He knows she can be the most difficult person in the world but still loves her for it.
  42. He’s confident (but not cocky at all). Women find confidence sexy. Well, this woman.
  43. Someone who always has the right thing to say to you.
  44. Someone who can get you out of a bad mood (even if it’s him who put you in it).
  45. Someone who can make you feel like you’re the most special girl in the world.
  46. Someone you admire greatly.
  47. Someone you are very proud of.
  48. Someone you’d do anything for.
  49. Her day isn’t complete without talking to him.
  50. He is her last first love. emo-heart002





ps: I have a feeling that you’re behind THISemo-angry003


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