Norse Baby Names


Ever since my other half, James introduced me to Norse Mythology who is an avid fan of it – “I knew about Greek and Roman gods but I haven’t read anything about Norse.” I thought. It got me interested. Really interested. That moment opened a whole new world for me. I started to jump into novels and read the classics.

The first book that I’ve read was Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. I started writing names that I find interesting. I am used to Spanish sounding names like Mateo, Sebastián, Daniel, Paulo since Spain had control of the Philippines for more than 300 years, so it’s no surprise that there are many Filipino customs, traditions, and cultural norms that can be traced back to the Spanish including names. James too is foreign to Norse names – I am not sure to what extent.

I think it would be nice to name the kids after what their parents, especially their father is interested in.  Plus I’m sure James would appreciate it to finally break away from the ‘James Dysnasty’. He is the third ‘James’ in the family.

So much for my long and winding introduction, below are some of the Norse names that we liked.


I have a few more that I haven’t included but these are my top picks. James mentioned Fenrir but I’m not sure if I would want one of our kids to be named  after a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology. But who knows? 😀

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