Les Miserables in MNL 2016 | Broadway PH

March 23, 2016 was when I watched Les Miserables in Solaire Hotel and Casino. Having read the book twice, I was very excited to see how the musical with turn out.


Set in 1800s France, Les Miserables is a faithful adaptation of the massively popular classic novel by Victor Hugo. It follows the fortunes of Jean Valjean, an escaped convict determined to put his criminal past behind him. He then creates a new life for himself as the mayor of a small town in France. During his reign, he befriends a prostitute by the name of Fantine, who is on the brink of death and desperately needs to see her fatherless child, Cosette. Valjean’s identity is being questioned. He is torn between maintaining his reputation and dooming an innocent man. Because of his decision Valjean and Cosette are forced to retreat to a convent where Cosette is raised. As she matures, Cosette is intrigued by the outside world and persuades Valjean to move into the city. While in her new environment Cosette falls in love with a revolution leader, Marius. With the threat of abandonment Valjean forbids the relationship from developing. A revolution is brewing in the backround of the story, causing character and plot shifts. As the story develops each character bestows their own twist on the plot. What interested me most in the novel was how each event revealed the struggles and irony of humanity.


The actors did a great job considering the length of the play. The singing in the play was very good. The main character in the play did an exceptional job, and his supporting actors did an awesome job as well. My favorite song preformed was the ‘I dreamed a dream‘ which was sung by out very own Rachel Ann Go.


I’m a huge fan of the book and watching it in real life is surreal. The show is spectacular and I FELT ALL THE FEELS.


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