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If you happen to know me personally, then you know you can bribe me with 3 things: Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, a pint of pistachio ice cream, or/and leche flan.

I came to know Amanda’s Leche Flan during Blogapalooza. We were greeted warmly and enthusiastically by Osep Reyes, one of the two (along with Jo-ed Tome) who came up with the brand. According to Osep, it’s Jo-ed’s aunt in Daet that makes the Leche Flans. What drove them to distribute the Flans is their belief that it’s an excellent product that a lot of people really ought to try.

The humble beginning:

Each family has a treasured recipe.

Ours is a smooth, golden leche flan. Thick, decadent, and sweetened just right. For almost 20 years, our titas have perfected a creamy custard dessert that takes center stage in all our special moments.

As with any classic leche flan, ours is made with eggs – yolks only please – and milk, with a touch of vanilla. No gimmicks, no twists. The secret is in the meticulous preparation and careful thought for those who will eat it. After all, when it’s for family, it’s made with love.

For the longest time, Amada’s Leche Flan has been enjoyed exclusively by our loved ones in Camarines Norte. For years, it has made our every special moment sweeter.

Now, we share it with you.

From our family to yours.


The Verdict

I’ve eaten Leche Flans in many many different places, prepared by different people/restaurants. I don’t consider myself an expert by no means, but I know a good flan when I have it, and I certainly know a bad one too. This is a personal experience of course, and it may well be different from yours.

During Blogapalooza, they offered it at P150 for 3 jars. Good bargain, right?

1. Presentation: It was unlike anywhere else I’ve eaten – a jar, which I thought was so cute! I also prefer it over styrofoam/plastic/microwavable containers.

Because glass is chemically inert material, so there is no risk of interaction with food contained in it. Man, I am such a nerd. 😛

2. Taste: I’ve had all sorts to have had some that did disappoint – too sweet, too rich/pale, some was lumpy, and some has this bitter burnt-sugar tasting sauce. Ew! Good flan is supposed to be smooth, with a soft silky texture, and it should be firm but still creamy when eaten. That’s what I like about Amada’s Leche Flan,  it practically melts in your mouth and the sugar caramel adds just the right sweetness.

My mom likes it too and asked me to get her more. Recently, I bought 10 jars and they gave me 2 extras. Yay!

Overall: It’s a 4-stars for me. A must try!

Bon appétit, mon chéri!


Facebook: FB.Com/AmadasLecheFlan
Instagram: @Amadaslecheflan
Contact No.: 0917-714-6737

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