99% Complete: Our Attempt to Escape the Batcave

We chose the Batcave.

You’re locked in a room and everything inside could be a clue. Our only means of escape rests in our ability to solve a series of puzzles. Can you escape in 45 minutes?

Creepy signage at the entrance

Last November 07, 2015 at Victoria Court Malate, we finally got to experience #BreakoutPH and oh boy, you’d be surprised what you can learn from trying to escape from a locked room with two of your friends.

The Game: You and your friends are placed in a themed room containing a number of puzzles, clues and riddles. Each rooms can be played by up to 6 people at a time and the objective is to solve and follow the clues to find a way out of the room before time runs out. There are five different rooms to choose from: The Asgard Room, The Casino Royale Room, The Bat Cave Room, The Candy Land Room and The Marakkesh Room.

My escape buddies: Cliff and Melbryant

We were taken to our assigned room and a short orientation was made. We were told that the actors will get physical with us and if the scare gets a little out-of-hand, the   safe word was I Want My Mommy!


Each character represented the 7 deadly sins; Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust and Envy, Anger, and lastly, Pride – that’s us. The catch was for us to not let our pride cloud our judgment.  Anger brought a box – we thought the box contained the last clue or that it was our ‘key’ to escape. We were so eager to open it – until we finally got the last piece of clue. We were about to call it quits. Literally, 99% complete!

It wasn’t as scary as I expected. I thought we were going to be chased by zombies, a masked psychopath with a chainsaw, or  when I was sent to the bathroom – I thought an Undin was going to emerge from the toilet. Or an old woman hanging from one of the corners of the room. Okay brain, stop blabbing! As someone who enjoys watching horror/thriller films, I was expecting something terrifying to the point of causing us trauma. 😀


And at some point, I think I scared one of the actors and made one of them snicker? Lust and Envy came in and begun to ‘torment’ us, Envy touched my arm – I grabbed her arm in return and smirked at her – Goodness! Her reaction was priceless!  And at the beginning of the game, Gluttony made us eat something cold and disgusting. I asked Cliff (talked to him in my Mommy Dionisia impression), if they were going to serve it later at the movie marathon. I heard someone suppressed a laughter, I know it wasn’t Cliff.

Awesome Batman villains painting

We enjoyed an interactive horror movie marathon from 6:00 PM onwards. Food were served! Yum! They also had an Instagram contest: Post a photo with the hashtags #VPartySeries and #BreakoutPH and get a chance to win a 12-hour stay at any Victoria Court branches. Darn! Sorry Jared Leto maybe next time. 😉

About to start
Yes, those nachos were surely ‘devilish’vp002
the friendly staff who were very willing to have their photos taken 😛vp006
Melbryant happily posing  at one of the setsvp009
And of course, the mandatory group photo 😀

I like clever puzzles that require completing certain tasks or doing certain actions to make things happen, and their concept really got us using our brains and with huge help from their actors (Anger gave out a lot).


1. SOMETHING TRAUMATIZING!  I love an escape room with strong themes, theatre action, sounds, different actions going on, suspense, lights, and a whole immersed experience. These factors provide a great deal of action as to trying to find a way out of a room. I would recommend this place for fun, but it is not the best overall though.  But that’s just me.
2. Longer game time, 60 minutes perhaps?
3. Include a reason why we need to get out of the room. Maybe there’s a bomb in the room that will go off in an hour? Or zombies are banging against the door, slowly breaking their way in? This would add a heightened sense of urgency and would feel more like we’re in a real life movie.

This was a really fun experience and a great team-builder. It was entertaining to see different strengths/skills emerge from my friends. Though the ‘scare factor’ didn’t reach my expectation – I’m still sane and able to write this post – but we really enjoyed the experience. We were cracking up the whole time.  😀 😀

Huge thanks to #BreakoutPH, #Fox and #Vcourt for organizing this event. And to Ms. Tracey Tan for the invite!

Interested in Escaping the Rooms yourself? Get more info here. Happy puzzling!

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