Choosing a Running Buddy


Is having a running buddy really necessary? Think of it as, you know, having someone to share your training with- physically and verbally. Someone to keep you accountable and vice versa. Especially in the morning when it is impossible to get up at 5:00 AM because your bed is too comfortable but you have no choice but to get up because you have to keep to your arranged time to run (just so you know, I am not a morning person). Having a buddy also provides extra protection from those wishing to cause you harm. So what qualities should I look for and how do I get one?

I prefer running with a positively motivated person. Someone who will give you 101 reasons why you shouldn’t miss a training session and that encourages you to go tempo running every MWF and do LSDs every weekends. Get it? Also not the kind who will weigh you down but the kind who will inspire you to go further and not give up until you reach your goal. This way, he/she can motivate you to train when you wouldn’t otherwise

Nike WE RUN MNL 2012

When choosing a running partner it is best to go for someone who is in the same fitness level as yourself or someone training for a similar distance you are.  You can gain from each others experience and be introduced to new running routes and races.

We survived 21km and we’re bringing sexy back

Someone who isn’t afraid to try new things. How are you going to ‘test the boundaries’ if you’re training buddy is unwilling/unable to challenge themselves? For example, I told my running buddies that I will be having a 21km run, instead of practicing on  flat pavement, they dragged me to Mt. Balagbag in Batangas to practice on trail ground. I survived (and I also blogged about it)!

Survived 21km trail run, thanks to these badass runners
(Mt. Balagbag, Batangas).

I told myself that I’m very much capable of running solo but when I started running with a couple of friends (and got the chance to run with some pros), I find it more effective. How about you, how do you choose a running buddy? Do you also find it effective? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Choosing a Running Buddy

  1. Hi Polly! I actually do most of my runs solo, mainly because of timing. I end up doing a lot of my training in the middle of the day so none of my friends are available to join me 🙂 Occasionally I’ll meet up with a group for weekend miles and it’s always a treat!


  2. A running buddy should be strict too. If one gets lazy, she drags down the other. I find it more fun and effective to run with my friends. It motivates me to give my best during training and in every race 😊


  3. Having a running buddy is a very good motivation but unfortunately I cannot have one right now. For reasons. Haha! Planning to start the C25K app I found on the app store. Been on the sedentary lifestyle for some time now.

    Thanks for the tips anyway, will definitely bookmark it in case I’ll go looking for a buddy in the future 🙂


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