Friendship Power Kembot – My Very First!

*** Picture heavy post – mostly Cliff and I’s faces so… Enjoy? 😀

Last Sunday, Cliff dragged me into joining this really awesome activity called Friendship Power Kembot. For those who cannot understand Tagalog, ‘kembot’ means shaking of the hips (but don’t take it literally).  The organizers did an amazing job in choosing the route because it has a combination of rough roads, pavement surfaces and trails that went constantly uphill and downhill. To be honest, I really had a hard time keeping up specially, that I haven’t had an LSD (Long Slow Distance) run  in a very long time.  It is said to be a 21 km trail starting in Silang, Cavite and back via Cardiac Hill Loop and Nuvali Trails (which is a popular trail among bikers). It felt more like a 28 km but that’s just me.

For someone with semi-OCD, I’m so happy about my race bib. 🙂

doing some warm up exercises

Selfie no. 1: Rough roads ahead!

prun001cemented part

Selfie no. 2: I tried to make the most out of the cemented part. We passed by several rough roads (and trails) and I think I already tripped twice. Or more?

Still part of the trail

Eventually, you’ll pass by this. Still cracks me up. Haha!

Selfie no. 3: 12 km at last! Woohoo!

‘Hukay’ in English means ‘Grave’.
Me: Ah, C? *points at the school*
Cliff: What? *looks at the school* Oh.
Both: *laughs out loud*

Selfie no. 4: Yup, still a long way to go. And I already ran out of hydration.

Selfie no. 5: We finally reached Valenza Crown! #FeelingEcstatic #HappyKiddos

Runners taking advantage of the road. Thank goodness there are cemented parts, I would have died crawling my way back.

prun003Ambulance on stand by if some redhead *ehem* decides to trip.

Waiting for the rest of the runners to arrive. I looked so exhausted (and hungry + angry = hangry) but these people were still hyperactive. Do you ever get tired?!

The overall experience is GREAT! I really had a good time running and sight-seeing (and laughing our butts off along the way). As I’ve said earlier, the organizers made an awesome job in choosing the route because it’s UBER challenging plus the view is amazing! I would like to give it another shot next time. 🙂 🙂

I’d also like to thank the awesome (and hilarious) runners of Team FRD for helping me out. I mentioned earlier that I tripped, right? Hahaha! Super duper thank you!! ❤


prun015Team lunch at Mang Inasal. Unlimited rice! ❤

prun016 going back to Manila

Photo Credit: Ms. Lyana J, and Cliff M.


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