Perks of Being a Short Girl

Being short is great. I’m 4’11” 1/2 (don’t forget the 1/2) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will admit, I hated having my height measured in school all the time, in class. Thankfully, though, I’ve since come around and learned to embrace my shortness. Here’s why being short is not all that bad!


  1. You’re automatically cute by default.
  2. You’re a lot more likely to get carried because everyone just wants to scoop you.
  3. You get to shop at the kids sections.
  4. People think you’re younger than you actually are. Believe it or not, I am actually at my late 20’s. 😉
  5. Even though reaching things may be an issue, tall people always seem to be friendly enough to help a stranger out.
  6. Sometimes, taller people will let you go in front of them at a concert.
  7. But if necessary, you can slip through crowds unseen.
  8. You can always get taller by wearing heels but tall people can’t get shorter.
  9. You can fall asleep on any couch anywhere and be comfortable because you’ll always fit.
  10. Children LOVE you. Probably because they think you are a child, but whatever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. Everyone have their own advantages and disadvantages really. It depends on how you carry yourself and how comfortable you are with your body so be proud!

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