National Girlfriends’ Day: Celebrating Lifelong Friendships

gf003Me and the squad at Bonsai Island in Cagbalete, Mauban, Quezon

National Girlfriends’ Day is fast approaching! What would life be like without girlfriends? Whether you have a girlfriend in the romantic sense or just a gang of gal pals, this August 1, 2015, take a moment to look back and appreciate these wonderful relationships built from gratitude, respect, and trust.

All my life I’ve always been closer to guys but there’s also something special about having a group of women by your side. Just think about the ladies from Sex and the City and you get the idea. Girlfriends are the women who we can always depend on. Whether you call on them to share exciting news, to have a shoulder to cry on, or to just hang out, your girlfriends are always there for you. That’s why there is an entire day dedicated to these friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters. They are all essential parts of our lives!

Now the question is: How to make these relationships last? Is it less drama, less obligations, less peer pressure, more free time, and more space? Perhaps… But the truest, most effective way to make these last is to actually keep them healthy and happy by (1) imparting your knowledge about the importance of  staying fit and active;  and (2)  to empower them by instilling in them hope, confidence, dignity, and self-respect.

Below are topics you may be interested in, although we are also open to suggestions or requests you may have in mind.

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