7 Reasons Why Being a Homebody Isn’t So Bad

Three weeks ago, I’ve tripped over a pothole  in the sidewalk while running – and twisted an ankle. It hurt incredibly bad and I thought I might have broken it, so to the ER I went. I have been advised to stay off of my foot until it heals, so here I am – homebound.

I was never a homebody. I hated being stuck within the confines of anywhere. I had always been busy with work and would rather stay out of the house and roam around the Metro or go for an out-of-towner, especially on weekends, but I’ve noticed that being a homebody isn’t so bad either.

1. It saves money because staying at home is free.


2. Here in the Philippines, it’s already summer which means it’s ridiculously hot and with that you get to wear less clothes (and nobody cares).


3. Or you get to be in your pajamas a lot (still nobody cares).


4. Why go to the movies when you have Cable TV? Unlimited movies + ice cream = perfect!


5. Why bother getting up when I can surf the internet (and blog about my misadventures) all day long!


6. Friday night? Why get wasted when I can just stay home and read all the books that I kept putting down since last year.


7. Home is where the Vodka is.


Staying home is not so bad. Not that exciting but hey at least it keeps us out of trouble. 🙂


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