Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk | Librophilia

invisiblemonsters-bookThe popularity of the view of celebrity worship has been done many times in the past few years, but this is by far the most twisted, dark, and almost violent exploration of this theme. Written in the style of a super-hyped fashion magazine, ‘Invisible Monsters’ lures its readers through glossy ad-filled pages and disjointed cover stories. Palahniuk uses the fashion mag medium to accentuate the bohemian, self-aggrandizing models whose lives we are observing. Weaving through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards we understand the feeling of being in a photo shoot with the constant blinding camera flash and a disembodied voice telling us how to pose and what to feel.

Shannon – the main character is involved in an incident that leaves her without the lower portion of her face. She goes from being a model who attracts everyone’s attention to someone so hideous that people can’t bring themselves to look at her for more than a brief, curious moment. Add to this a drag queen with a hidden past, whose goal in life seems to be to attract as much attention as possible on her quest for perfect beauty. This book takes on those who say “beauty is on the inside” and then contradict themselves by ascribing to contemporary or trendy views of what beauty is.

We make judgments everyday by what we see externally on a topical level. We’re interested in immediate gratification and instant awareness so we don’t dig for the truth. We fall into this trap that the truth lies within how others perceive us, not how we live our own lives.

Read: April 2015

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