Philippines: Maribina Falls in Bato, Catanduanes

The Maribina Falls is one of the attractions in Bato, Catanduanes, which is  located (4) kilometers away from town proper and about 10 minutes hike from the National Highway. The waterfalls is not as majestic as I thought it would be based on the pictures but the ambiance is pretty amazing.

maribina008Us on our way to Maribina Falls, about 10 minutes walk from the highway.


Entrance fee

A walk around the waterfalls…

maribina003 maribina004

My adventure buddies, Janelle and Mark, posing for the camera.


There’s something about waterfalls that words cannot describe. They are powerful, and yet relaxing at the same time. The calm feel of this piece of paradise make me want to jump into the water. But I’d rather not, I couldn’t see the depth of it and didn’t want to chance (scaredy cat hahaha).


To stand under a waterfalls is one of my bucketlist. I’ve been to a man-made waterfalls but there’s nothing more surreal than a natural waterfalls. Yay!  😀


The place isn’t crowded at all early on weekdays (Is 9:00 AM early?). Don’t forget to bring snacks as there are no nearby canteens. I’ve heard that they don’t allow overnight stay and most importantly, clean as you go.

Photo credit: P. Amora, M. Montilla

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