Rant by Chuck Palahniuk | Librophilia

Very Enjoyable

Rant is a peculiar book, and the first thing that will hit you when you first read it is the structure. Palahniuk uses an oral biography structure, with a few dozen characters giving testimonies to an unseen biographer… in this area, Palahniuk does a great job, weaving characters’ stories together into a coherent plot, along with throwing in a few non sequiturs in the mix. This structure keeps the story interesting and makes it a very fast read.

Buster Rant Casey grew up in a small town was a rebel as a teen and was far from being ordinary. He leaves his hometown for Middleton and arrives in the big city where he joins a demolition derby called Party Crashing and becomes the leader. Casey is killed and so the unleashing of the oral biography occurs.

The pages of the story are filled with some very wild if not truly weird accounts. Be prepared for one mind blowing and mind boggling experience. Trust me when I say you are not prepared for what is about to be unleashed on these pages and in your mind as you read RANT.

Also, Rant is not for the faint of heart; there is sexual content, language, cults, murder, and some gruesome accounts contained within the book, so prepare yourself now.

I finished reading this a couple of weeks ago and can still hardly unwrap the information contained in this mind blowing read. This is a very challenging read at least for myself, which I enjoyed immensely, I like stories that boggle the mind and this one did.

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