Adultery by Paulo Coelho | Librophilia


“It was okay”

“Apathy. Pretending to be happy, pretending to be sad, pretending to have an orgasm, pretending to be having fun, pretending that you’ve slept well, pretending that you’re alive.”

This is a story about a woman mad with loneliness and boredom and disconnection, driven to the brink and willing to risk it all to find something more—adventure, passion, redemption, herself. She is not someone you will admire, and she will seem at times superficial and disgusting, but you will understand her. And despite her wealth and ugliness, despite her weakness, her indiscretion, her bizarre thinking, you might just learn something from her. And that is why this is a book for anyone in a relationship. What relationship doesn’t get ugly at times?

Adultery by Paulo Coelho is in many ways what Coelho’s books are all about. Yet it is very different from his other works. In all honesty, I think Adultery is a pedestrian fare and I expected much more from my favorite author whose other books occupy a pride of place on my bookshelf. I can’t exactly put my finger on what I didn’t like but I think it was that the book was missing something– possible dimension.

I wouldn’t tell people not to read it, it passes the time but don’t expect it to be a favorite.

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