Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden | Librophilia

book-assassinscreed-renaissance 1-star-rating
I did not like it

Although entertaining enough, I did not enjoy the flow of the book. You can clearly see it is based on the game and as such it does not explore any character or situation to a satisfying degree. It stays on the surface – moving from one “mission” to the next.

I am a big fan of the game series. as such, I was excited to read this book as a more complete version of a great story should be good, right? Wrong. The writing itself is very bland and dull, though it was good enough to get me across a trans-atlantic flight. I have several comments about the book:

The protagonist, Ezio, never escapes his adolescent view of the world. Sure, he goes from the privileged, devil-may-care, lifestyle of a rich bankers son to a celibate assassin, but his outlook on life never shifts to one of maturity. The book pretends to be a coming of age story, where the son takes his father’s mantle and continues a secret family tradition. Instead, Ezio just comes across as an angry 13 year old. He broods, he pouts, he lashes out at those who injured him…yawn. Adding insult to injury is the way the author just ‘gives it away’. There is no suspense in this book…none. On one page we find out that there is some new mystery Ezio must unravel and on the very next page, the secret is revealed with all the art and sophistication of a sledge hammer. How in the heck do you take incredible ingredients like Renaissance Italy, secret societies from the Crusades, revenge, and love and write a book that stinks like the fart of a drunken Beagle?

In my opinion the book should provide rich and in-depth detail, bringing the characters to life – I did not get that from this book.

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