15 Signs that You Might be a Stage-5 Clinger


If you’re too needy in a relationship, your partner can feel so drained from your interactions that he/she feels compelled to end the relationship, or at the very least, he/she may limit his/her time with you. Remember, being clingy is the exact opposite of being confident. Confidence and leadership create attraction. Clinginess kills it.

1. You want to keep updated with your partner.
2. You look through your partner’s phone.
3. You flood your partner’s Facebook account.
4. You want a joint account.
5. You crave for constant attention.
6. You always feel the need to talk to your partner all the time.
7. You can’t do anything for yourself.
8. You get angry when your partner hangs out with their friends.
9. You ‘gate crash’ their night outs.
10. You don’t understand that you and your partner have separate lives.
11. You complain that your partner doesn’t love you.
12. You hate when your partner speaks with other woman.
14. You want to do everything together.
15. You’re constantly worried they will leave or cheat on you.

You are old enough to know that being clingy in a relationship is never a good thing. If someone is gonna cheat, he/she will find a way to do it, no matter if you are together all the time or not.

Friendly advice, rediscover yourself and spend some time with your friends. Stop hanging onto that person. Your partner obviously loves you, because he/she is trying to hang in there with you and you are acting very childish.

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