Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk | Librophilia

book-fightclub 5-star-rating
Highly Recommended

The puzzling spine-chilling tale of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk tells the story of an anonymous young man, who feels emptiness in his ordinary existence. He is an insomniac and the only way he could ‘cure’ his sleep disorder is by going to self-help groups. The man is an avid flyer due to his job, and on one flight he encounters upon a man by the name of Tyler Durden. Tyler has diverse vocations, such as a film projectionist and a soap maker.

After a peculiar circumstance the nameless character moves into Tyler’s home. Both together discover a way for them to pursue past their confined and restrained lives by forming Fight Club, an after-hour boxing match assemblage in the basement of a bar. Fight Club becomes a place where the typical man goes to find mitigation in their diminutive life; where one man can mentally become a puissant dictator by making another man’s face bleed; a place where one guy can knock the living daylights out of another guy. Tyler, the true mastermind behind Fight Club, becomes an underground image, to what it appears, every man in the United States. Fight Club develops into a widespread gathering and Tyler takes advantage of his power by telling his followers to start commotions and mayhem all over the country (to give the rest of the story way would be just wrong).

Fight Club is definitely dark in it’s vision’s of societies apocalypse. Chuck Palahniuk sends us head first into this this world and is relentless in allowing you to see only bits of it. This isn’t a book for everyone, but for those who can endure the violence and dark imagery, it becomes a fantastic read that is really hard to deny. I found it great in it’s black humor and bleak outlooks on our live’s impotence and highly recommend it to any young reader, without words to describe their life’s pains.

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