RUPM 2014: Completed the Puzzle


Completing the RUPM Trilogy has been on my list for the top things to accomplish before 2014 ends (I’ve been itching to collect all three medals). I have been running approximately 10-15 kilometers inconsistently in preparation of this run. Deciding to do the race was a very spontaneous decision, and I had no idea given my lack of training with running long distances during these past few days (due to work schedule), and my out of shapeness.

001At 10-13 km I was on a roll. Passing people left and right. It wasn’t until I reached 16km that I hated life. The last two kilometers have been the longest two kilometers of my life. It seems no matter how close the finish line looked, it seemed that the road was not taking me there. Thank You for putting a huge Nasospray arc 100 meters before the finish line. Totally unexpected and completely unnecessary… but I loved it!

This race had a good route, better than last year, the flyover on Roxas Blvd. corner Gil Puyat Avenue was a challenge but worth it just to be able to say you’ve ran up it. Hahaha! To be honest, this is my favorite 21km route among the other routes that I ran.  It is relatively flat with a couple of uphills to really get the heart rate up.

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