Concerts: Stone Temple Pilots Live in MNL 2011 | ConcertsPH

March 9, 2011, Wednesday, I still had a shift later that night, but that didn’t stop me from watching this one-night concert of one of ’90s gods of rock music, Stone Temple Pilots. I grew up listening to this band and when I heard that they’re coming over to the Philippines, I immediately called Ticketnet to reserve a seat. STP reunion (Scott, Robert, Dean, and Eric) + concert = Let’s get it on!! Dreams really do come true. It was a night of grunge bliss and maximum volume.

SinosiKat, a local band here in the Philippines, made an awesome job as their opening act. Kat Agarrado’s voice gave me goosebumps (in a good-way). The  set lasted around 30- 40 minutes I am not sure but I enjoyed it.

After the long wait, they finally appeared on stage. Fans screamed “STP! STP!” as loud as they could while throwing hand-horns. I totally enjoyed our crowd at the Upperbox A.

Roamin’, roamin’, roam
Get away, gotta get away
And I think I think too much
I don’t care, yeah and I don’t care

Crackerman was the first song on their setlist. Everyone went crazy! People jumping around with their hand-horns up in air, others were imitating Scott’s awkward (yet cute) dance moves  (I did too but I don’t care), fans singing (more like screaming) along with them.  Plush was the first song that got me listening to them (back in the 90’s), as well as Creep. The band also covered a Led Zeppelin song called Dancing Days. And to my surprise they did an encore performance of Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart, my favorite.

The feeling of getting to watch them perform live is surreal, unexplainable and totally different. It’s like eating parfait with 10 scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup. Sweet hysteria! The experience is comparable to a time-capsule, it took me back to those lovely days when I would use our remote control as microphone and sing to their songs and jump around like a maniac. Those times when I pretended to be Scott Weiland.

Image Credit: JC Valencia

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