Five Conversations You Should Never Have On a First Date


I’ve gone on my fair share of bad dates, but the one I went on last Monday night annoyed me so badly I haven’t been able to stop brooding about it. First dates is about getting to know someone, and seeing if you enjoy their company. You’re likely to be nervous, and for some, this means non-stop chattering. And while there are certain taboo subjects that you know not to discuss on a date—like your recurrent gastric reflux—there are less obvious topics that should be off limits, too.

Here are some topics on what anyone should NOT talk about on a date.


Or anyone you’ve slept with. Just don’t go there under any circumstances. Would a date that talks about how much they still loved their ex-beau impress you? If you repeatedly bring up your ex on a first date, this clearly shows that you’re not over them, and no one wants to be the rebound.


Any weird medical condition that is nobody else’s business should stay a secret. That includes anti-depressant or prescription medications, sleeping pills or anti-fungal creams.  There is nothing wrong with taking medicine for anything but laying everything all out on the table might confuse your date and make things incredibly awkward. If the relationship progresses, there will be plenty of time to share that stuff. Later. Much later.


This is an ultimate no-no. This is because it will only serve to remind your date that there have been lovers before them, which – rightly or wrongly – feels a tiny bit icky on a first date. Plus, can give your date the impression that you’re only interested in sex. So you might want to hold the sex stuff until later.


Each one of us have an issue and that is perfectly fine if you share it with someone but if you go into detail about every family problem you’ve ever dealt with, it might scare your dates away. They may begin to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.


Do not start talking about marriage and kids or ask what the other person thinks about it. The first date is way too soon for that and could freak them out. Keep it simple and fun, not too serious.

As much as possible, avoid divulging personal issues. Don’t dig too deep and don’t spend the whole night giving your life story. Even if your date is a very good listener and very understanding (or even a psychologist that would like to dig it deeper cause helping others gives them satisfaction), they might get hurt and lose interest in result. If you notice that your date seems uncomfortable with what you’re saying or doing, it’s not the end of the world or even the end of the date. Take a deep breath and change the subject.

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