Shades of Rose (Hair Color)


I’ve itched to dye my hair for a while now but cannot decide on a color, I want to do a certain shade of blue or something like an ombre of turquoise and dark blue. Such pretty colors! I want to try something different and you know, go outside of my comfort zone. Red is my color. Just because I liked it best, I owned it. How many other things have I claimed as mine so easily? Hahaha!


Top: Black, Burgundy, Desire, Purple, Pink-Purple Ombre
Bottom: Cardinal, Brick, Crimson, Red-Brown, Copper Red

Been thinking of getting any of these:

hairspiration005 hairspiration004

This is the ULTIMATE hairspiration:


I plan to color the hair most probably by September. I know by that time my skin will return to its normal tone. Just returned from surfing in Baler last month and my skin is super tanned right now. I like the combination of my sun-kissed skin and my golden brown hair. I actually dyed it Burgundy but it turn out different.


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