Tuesdays on The Run: Uphills for Breakfast

Decided to join that awesome link up party called Tuesdays on the Run hosted by  PattyApril and Erika! Yay!
Today’s prompt: My First Race


My very first run was Across Borders: Run for Red Cross, Run for a Cause, a sweet 5K in January 2012.  It wasn’t a hardcore race, but a ‘chill’ fun run to help fund Red Cross and their projects.

I was new to running then and very uncomfortable with my lack of skill (though growing up, I was an active kid). I can barely finish a 5k without walking or on the treadmill. I was just looking to see what was out there and I had no goals/PR in mind (except to finish the race). I was expecting to run on flat pavements and was surprised to pass by a couple of up and downhill roads.

across001met these two babies before the race #CutenessOverload!

across002me and my buddies after the race

See? I don’t even know what to wear! Compared to my super colorful running outfits today, I wore a pair of plain cotton sweatpants.

Going back, I finished the race at a time of 00:49 and totally, bone-tired exhausted but that didn’t stop me. Oh, sure, it hurts (a lot) but instead I took it as a challenge.

How about you, what was your first race? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays on The Run: Uphills for Breakfast

  1. Great job on your first race! It’s always so fun to look back on what we wore and see how different it is from what we wear now LOL.

    Thanks for joining the link up! Hope you’ll join us again next week when we talk about fitting in running on vacation.


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