The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho | Librophilia

pcoelho-thealchemistTHE ALCHEMIST Not to be as it is, but to be as you want to be… Is it a life which is scattered along time that satisfies your soul, or a life which time is scattered along with your wills, your goals; along the way not the unreal passions, but your heart leads you through? Not straightforward the way to dusty death… But to roam through the narrow path that is your Maktub, which is drawn by your own hand, the way you want it to be, not to be as it is. “The Alchemist” is your guide through life; an essential; not only a literature phenomenon, but a dictionary of life. My advice is to read it first as a story of a boy who seeks his dreams, then read it again as a story of yourself; and then you’ll see that this story will be the story of your life, as it yields power to your soul, and determination to your lifestyle; while indecision that brings uneasiness will be erased from your mind, and you’ll reach to a deep prosperity, knowing that your life is the way you want it to be. Seize the Day!

Read: March 2012


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