Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho | Librophilia



VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE At the end of this novel the reader is given the gift of a second chance at life, but only if the reader dares to defy conformity and live according to their heart’s passion, assuming of course that the heart has a recognizable passion. That’s the catch. If you are satisfied with your own mediocrity then I don’t recommend reading this because you might just find yourself identifying with Veronika, who never dared to take any real chances or go against the flow, one day after another being that of mundane existence. You may in fact find yourself quite jealous of Veronika’s remarkable foresight when she analyzed the reasons for not finishing her life, and then for having the calm courage to end her life of monotonous conformity.

This book challenges you to examine the value of your own life, and the cost of sacrificing whatever it is that is unusual about you for the sake of acceptance by others. If you aren’t afraid of holding up a mirror to yourself then read away, and enjoy the spiritual jewels the authors lays at your feet.

Read: April 2012


8 thoughts on “Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho | Librophilia

      1. OHMYYY… Uiee try mo yung Manuscript Found in Accra … kakatapos ko lng last week.. havey! ❤ ❤

        alam mo nag-fafangirl moment ako ngayon. haahahah!!


      2. Yeah.. nabasa ko n din yun.. I have Eleven Minutes and The Winner Stand Alone na.. mga next books ko n yun n babasahin. 🙂 Tuloy mo lang yan.. I’m waiting for your Game of Thrones review! :))


      3. ohemmm…. that too!! Winner stand alone! *fangirl* … walanjo na-pressure ako jan ah! cge cge simulan ko na yung GOT. 😀 😀


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