Librophilia: Breakup Reads to Help you Feel Better. Or Bitter?

Breakups are never easy and certainly not fun. Not only do we lose relationships, but possessions, and even friends. However, on top of the heartbreak and grief of a breakup, we often make it worse by the things we say to ourselves.  Masochist much? Here are some breakup survival books to help you get through that post-break-up misery (and get over him sooner)!

Very Enjoyable

I Used to Miss Him… But My Aim is Improving by Alison James
Not your ordinary breakup survival guide is right – at that time, I was still mourning the end of my 6-year relationship, I was in stitches reading this. James offers razor-sharp wit, such as, “If a man calls you ‘psycho’, it’s his way to cover up what HE did wrong.” HA! I love it. Although I would never use the body-maiming suggestions (dunk his head in hemorrhoid cream – voilà – he’s gone!), I did need the laugh. If you want to hermit yourself, that’s ok, but take this book to bed with you. You’ll be glad that James sheds the light on how men really think, and reminds you of the diva you really are.

Read: January 2012

Very Enjoyable

He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt

Well, I was skeptical about this book at first, as I am about most dating and self-help books, after all, everyone is different right.

The fact is, women are nurturer, we tend to gloss over things and even make excuses for men, many of us have been wrongly told how to interpret men’s behavior. Unbeknownst to me, a great many men would rather die than  hurt your feelings? Really? So that behavior that we call, sketchy, erratic, the distance, the tension, a lot of times, (not all) he is trying to tell us something. If he is dismissive, inattentive, if he’s not calling, if he’s not showing us attention, he’s just not that into you. I hate to say it but I saw myself in a great many of the letters written to the authors, I have made excuses and wasted time and well, just clung to that hope, because I wasn’t able to interpret behavior, Often with men, the way they act is how things are, it’s that simple, It really is. This book will save me a lot of time in the future.

Read: January  2012


Highly Recommended 

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken by Greg Behrendt
It has far exceeded my expectations. I read it cover to cover in one sitting and felt an immediate surge of empowerment. The tone of the book is kind and supportive, yet firm. It can be hard to read at times because I felt, as I’m sure other readers have too, that I recognize my thoughts, reactions, and feelings in the stories of the women in the book. It’s kind of shocking to see how so many people share these same painful experiences. But I think the valuable messages of the book is this: if one person thinks a relationship is over, what the hell are you trying to save? If one person doesn’t think a relationship is worth fixing, then there IS no relationship worth fixing. And Greg urges us to handle the breakup with dignity. I only wish I had read this book a few months earlier!

Read: January 2012

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