Life Lately: Career-Week, Expo, Meet Ups, Exams

Last week’s been a little bit hectic. Aside from chasing after deadlines, I was out the whole time to visit clients (and closed a few deals), attended a 3-day career expo and I kind of ditched running (for 5 nights) and went to study/review for an upcoming exam.

EXPO: I attended the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo last June 27-29 and I was truly amazed at the turnout. I went by myself and was completely intimidated. There I was surrounded by successful entrepreneurs some of whom I knew from blog stalking, hahaha.

Oh how I admired their hard-work, how could I possibly introduce myself to them? I gathered all the courage I had,  introduced myself and handed them my business cards (which, by the way are PINK and SCENTED).


The expo invited guest speakers like RJ Ledesma (co-founder of Mercato Centrale), Anton Diaz (founder of OurAwesomePlanet.Com), and Amor Maclano (CEO of Geismar Maclang), to share their trick of the trade, I, as a giddy and wide-eyed ‘aspiring’ entrepreneur myself, eager to learn and absorb, paid extra attention and listed some important notes.

It is crazy but now I feel more motivated to strive hard. It makes me feel like I could actually be working for something. Not to mention, now clients are seeking me out and I feel that the expectations are greater than they were before so I feel the need to come up with greater ideas.

My goal next year is to participate in the next E.F.E. as an exhibitor. Aja! 🙂


STUDIES: I plan to take my MBA program next year (it depends upon my budget). My good friend, Christine handed me a copy of her MBA subjects. Oh boy! This will definitely test my numerical abilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love Math.  People describe me as a problem solver; I’m good at finding a pattern in numbers. It’s just that, the thought of dealing with numbers for 4 straight hours… is madness! Hahaha!

That’s all for now, I’ll be MIA (again) for a couple of days. See you!


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