#SummerBloggerChallenge: Highlights of My Summer Vacation


It is hard to believe that summer is already over here in the Philippines (I always hope for more time and to do more things).  It sure flew by but it was a wonderful one! I was either running, on the beach, or planning events/roadtrips with my family/friends.

By the way, this post is part of #SummerBloggerChallenge hosted by Charlotte over at Velvet and Vinyls. This week’s prompt: Write a post about how you’re going to spend your summer. But as I have said, Summer is already over here in the Philippines so instead I’ll be sharing with you the highlights of my summer vacation. Here goes…

bullet1 Started my own business and resigned from my job.

bullet1 Attended a carshow (HIN3 Manila)sbc-carshow001

bullet1 Conquered 2 mountains: Climbed Mt. Batulao (Batangas) and 21KM trail run – Mt. Balagbag (Bulacan to Montalban)
sbc-mt002 sbc-mt001

bullet1 Tried liquid nitrogen ice cream (at The Iscreamist)

bullet1 Mixed 2 cocktails,  ‘improvised’ Tequila Touchdown and Blue Margaritasbc-ttouchdown

bullet1 Watched a concert (The Teeth reunion concert)sbc-concertteeth

bullet1 Drove (5x) a jet ski in Matabungkay Beach, Batangassbc-jetski001

bullet1 Did something crazy – Climbed Diguisit rock formations in Baler while intoxicated (not doing it again).
Posing for the camera
at the peak #YOLO!

bullet1 Visited a zoo and tried kiddie rides (Paradise Ranch in Pampanga)
sbc-zoo001 sbc-zoo02

bullet1 I also tried 2 of their ziplines!

bullet1 Gone surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler sbc-surfing002

bullet1 Went spelunking (Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves) in Sagadasbc-spelunking001

bullet1 Ate at Log Cabin (THE Log Cabin) in Sagada

bullet1 Visited Banaue Rice Terraces (the Eighth Wonder of the World)


bullet1 Witnessed a breathtaking sunrise at  Kiltepan peaksbc-kiltepanpeak

bullet1 Made several DIY projects (flower crown, no-sew tutu, no-sew scarf bag, bracelets, silkscreen printing)

bullet1 Inspired others to run (persistence goes a looooong way!) Hahaha!sbc-runzack

bullet1 Found (2) two new running areas/routes (Capitol Commons and Ayala Alabang)runplace-commons runplace-ayalaalabang

bullet1 Finished (2) two 21KM runsbc-ru001 sbc-run002

bullet1 Got an elliptical trainer

bullet1 Improved my recipes: Pineapple Chicken and  Fresh Spring Rolls

bullet1 Got tanned (someone forgot to put  on sunscreen hahaha!)


Summer just started on the other side of the world. It’s time to GO OFFLINE (even for just a couple of days), enjoy the wonderful weather (but don’t forget to apply sunscreen), plan (or make spontaneous ) trips, share great times and create lots and lots of memories!


6 thoughts on “#SummerBloggerChallenge: Highlights of My Summer Vacation

  1. Man you had a rocking vacation! 2 mountains?! That’s awesome! Also, congrats on starting your own business, that’s a huge leap! I’m sure you are doing great!


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