Blog Updates: Blog Hopping, Flag Collection and Spotlights


On Blog hopping: I have a new hobby: Blog hopping! I found myself reading blog post to blog post and it kind of makes me feel happy. There are a lot of interesting blogs out there and thought why didn’t I think of this (blog hopping) before? I made new friends and I just can’t wait to get to know them more. See their links at the side bar. New links will be added soon.

Flag Collection: Last Monday, I set up a flag collecting app in this blog and found out that it reached Brazil (it’s my dream destination… I’m sorry, I’m just prone to fangirling). Thanks so much for dropping by!

Sign Up:  I signed myself up on a couple of sites that feature blogs.

Twitter: Please follow me on twitter, my handle is @pollydefies_. I always follow back.

It is my off day so I have plenty of time to visit more blogs (after my anti-gravity yoga session). See yah!


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