Watched Franco Like a Boss! | ConcertsPH

Photo by Mec (and her shaky hands). Go home Mec, you’re drunk! Haha!

What went down at Flare Bar last night? 1. Survived 6 buckets of beer, 2. Shared seats with Ian Tayao, Jake Hipe of Tacloban, 3. High-fived with Miguel Chavez of Chicosci, 4. Benjie Estanislao lent me his dreads for 5 minutes – Tutal ahit naman ulo mo, eto sayo muna‘, and 5. Watched Franco like a boss!

Last night, my favorite surfing buddies/couple, Mec and Enzo dragged me with them to Flare Bar (formerly known as Mugen) in Metrowalk.

Franco is one of the 3 local bands (Franco, Urbandub and Updharma Down) that I enjoy listening to. The first time that I heard them live was when they opened for Incubus last 2011, they played Castaway and I got hooked! As soon I got home,  I searched for their songs and now, more than a year later, I still love this group.

On my own, cast away,
Trapped and caught in a dream
Darkened skies, tidal waves
But I am moving on
~ Castaway by Franco

This line keeps resounding in my head and it became my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for so long. And recently, I also found myself humming to the tune of ‘To Survive’. That’s how infectious their songs are.

Going back, their set started at 2:30 AM and played 5 of their songs, including To Survive (my favorite) and Better Days.

franco002 franco003
A view from where I was

Bands that also performed at Flare last night: The Chonkeys, Chicosci, WilaBaliw and Jake Hipe of Tacloban.

thechongkeys chicosci
Watched The Chongkeys and Chicosci like a boss!

chilling with these people


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