Life Lately: Drug-Induced, Sadistic Pressures and Zacky Vengeance

I just had the weirdest dream. I can’t recall how it started but I remember lying on my bed while some guy who look so much like Zacky Vengeance minus the heavy eyeliner and piercings (how did you get here?) was giving me a massage. Foot massage! So yeah, while massaging my feet he was humming a nursery rhyme (I can’t remember) and he spoke something in British accent. His gentle massages turned into sadistic pressures. Dafuq! I tried to wiggle my way out of his grip  but it was to no avail and instead his hands began to ascend upward. When he reached my knee he tried to immobilize it then he went to grab something from a nearby table. I heard some buzzing noise and saw him holding a tattoo paraphernalia. He had this evil grin plastered on his face. And then… I woke up. BUMMER! Whyee???

Next time, no more drug-induced sleep! Ever!



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