Librophilia: Seriously… I’m Kidding and Unbearable Lightness.

I love Ellen Degeneres!  She has overcame a lot in her life and fought to get herself where she is now. And Portia, she’s a brave woman having been through what she’s been through and to show others that there is nothing to be feared. I got these books as presents on my 24th birthday (2 years ag0?) and I still find these interesting. So here’s my take on Seriously… I’m Kidding and Unbearable Lightness.

Loved the book very much. Very funny and enjoyable, also very smart and inspirational. It’s heart-warming, which I like the best! Sitting with a book and laughing out loud every couple of minutes, does not happen every day.

Ellen is smart, hilarious and playful, just like in her stand-up routine and her talk show. It’s a similar kind of humor, she finds funny and special in our everyday life. It’s so authentically Ellen you can almost hear her voice pronouncing the words.

Also, she connects, reaches out to people. I heard A.Curry comment something like that between funny lines in the book you can find bits of wisdom. That’s true! Book is helpful in that inspire-wanna be way, but discreetly and via humor.

Among others, book has her views on beauty, aging, being honest and confident, social skills, then her look-back on her carrier, being a Cover girl, American Idol judge, a little bit about her habits, being vegan, meditation and her love for animals and Portia.

There’s no juicy details about celebrities or her private life, this isn’t that sort of book. There are some notes on that, but nothing which is tabloid material.

Some paragraphs are just goofy and random whose only purpose, I believe, is to try to get you to smile like a kid… (e.g. gambling tips, drawings for kids…) If you like her everyday humor you’ll love it, otherwise you may not get it.

For me, the only trouble was that I couldn’t put it down so I was almost late to work the following day.

Ellen is like a healthy happy pill. Very charming book and I will re-read it. I hope she keeps taking notes!

I have this thirst to know the inner workings of people, and Unbearable Lightness was something that I had seen and wanted to read for quite sometime because I had seen Portia on Oprah, and I wanted to know more. Her words, at times hit me with alternating waves of shock, confusion, and, in a strange way, a bit of awe because she had had the courage to look so honestly within herself with the act of writing the book. If you do have an eating disorder, though, I’ll warn you that there are places in the book that you may find triggering. Portia speaks of her recovery, yes, but in the epilogue. She writes from her view during the battles with Anorexia and Bulimia, the sister disorders that nearly killed her, so recovery was only mentioned briefly. What I can say though is that reading the book helped me to understand what someone who is suffering, aside from myself, goes through, and it’s for that reason that I’d highly recommend it to the family of any sufferer if you seek a deeper understanding of the illnesses, or more simply, of one courageous woman’s struggle to find her true self. Thank you, Portia, for sharing your struggle with us. It was very brave, and I hope you keep loving yourself just the way that you are. I speak to everyone who reads this when I say: the things that make us perfect are our imperfections, and we are all perfect in our own special ways.

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