Philippines: Jet-skiing and Paddle Boating in Matabungkay Beach, Batangas

Matabungkay, Batangas (about 2 hours drive from Manila) is a popular area for water sports such as swimming, diving, boating and snorkeling. It has a 2 km stretch of good beach and sand. It’s not as good as Boracay, Baler or even Puerto Galera but is okay for day trips and group outings.

I’ll leave you with a warning that as some tour operators will tell you, jet skiing is addictive! At my first attempt, the mother  wouldn’t allow me to go on my own so I asked my  (not so) little cousin to go with me (and so to not give her a heart attack).

Another reason the mother wouldn’t allow me on my own because sometimes I tend to drive recklessly. In short, kaskasera.

On our way back, driving in “zigzag” at full speed. Hohoho!

On my 4th, I went on my own. Hasta la vista, cousin! Haha!

My failed attempt to do the “doughnut.”

After jet-skiing, I’ve decided go paddle boating (to calm my nerves). Not the most exciting activity but it’s quite relaxing.

A view of Matabungkay Beach, the seashore was actually surrounded by rafts that can fit a group of 10 (we rented one that can accommodate 30 person)

Yup, that’s our family-rented raft (or balsa in Tagalog).

R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G. My cousin and I stayed there for almost an hour, I slept while he read his favorite novel.

My first jet ski experience went pretty well. For someone who loves adrenaline rush, I’d say do it more than once! The first time is just to get the hang of things and the second (third, forth, fifth, etc) time is to really experience the drive seat of a high-speed watercraft and jump over waves! For safety, be sure to wear a life vest!


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