Get A Fringe! | TILT


Cutting new fringe is a fantastic way to switch up any hairstyle. For someone (ehem) with oval-shaped face and a prominent/high forehead, sporting a fringe serves not just to shorten the length of the face but also, the curve of the fringe brings focus to the eyes. I’ve tried several types of hairstyles with bangs like below-the-eyebrow, blunt-cut, rugged and ruffled, sideswiped but nothing beats the classic full-fringe. Yes, I am a sucker for full-fringe!


Growing up, I’ve never dared cut my own hair for fear that I would butcher it but having spent as much as P300 on a haircut from a professional hair dresser who didn’t succeed in trimming my hair the way I requested, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have been cutting my own hair with scissors for since college and get more compliments than when I paid for it.

My Full-Fringe Chronicles:


Polly at 5! 🙂

I’m thinking about getting a Pixie Cut this summer to jive with it’s sizzling hot weather. What do you think?

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