POLLY Officially Signing In..

Hey Everyone!  Good day and welcome to my blog!

How are you all? Glad to see you here. I’ve been blogging off and on since high school and have recently decided that I’d like to be more active so it’s kind of like saying “Hi” to everyone for the first time. I previously had 3 blogs that only lasted for like 4 months (the most) but this time, I intend to keep this for as long as I can.

ABOUT ME: My name is Polly Amora and I am a nurse by profession and I also work in BPO company as a Nurse Coordinator. I live in Pasig. I’m short, but big. I’m weird, but sophisticated. I’m lazy, but can cover it up well. I enjoy the good things in life like music, parties, hanging out, good food, watching concerts, travel, drawing and arts,  anything that’s fun, exciting (or relaxing), new or unique. A nice café, in good company. I love the outdoors & physical activities. I have a huge love for taking care of animals. One day, I will defy gravity.  Details can be found at my About Me page.

ATOMIC CHICK: My “about me” page.
THOUGHTS: some random blabbing
LIBROPHILIA: books that I’ve read with reviews and recommendations
WWW: Site related things

I have a lot of things in mind that I’d like to share with everyone. I’ll try to keep things simple and in order (I can be disorganized at times). I hope to see you again and let me know that you passed by. A gazillion hugs and kisses!


2 thoughts on “POLLY Officially Signing In..

  1. im looking forward to read from here. :)) im glad you’re starting to open up. super liberating. haha! :p happy blogging polly! ~!~


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